2018-19 Program

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Full Year Program
September 10th to June 14th, 2019
Monday - Friday / 3 - 6:15 PM

We are super excited to announce our totally new After School Program 2018-19.  This completely new program incorporates our most popular activities like Ninja, Parkour, Climbing, and Skateboarding with revamped and unique outdoor curriculum.

We also now offer a NEW Everyday Athlete Van for daily pickup and drop-off from 15 different schools, including PS8, PS261, PS58, PS29, BNS, Brooklyn Friends, Packer, St. Ann's, and more!*

Our after school program feels like play, enhancing kids’ academic, social development, strength and body awareness-- preparing them for sports, school and life.


Your child will:

  • Develop confidence, creativity, critical thinking and learn skills that they can use in their everyday life while having a ton of fun.
  • Be inspired and encouraged to explore their athleticism in all our core programs including Climbing, Parkour, Skateboarding, and Ninja.
  • Be able to choose new options from our New Outdoor Program, including Little Athletes, Outdoor Elements of Fitness for Kids, Soccer, and Swimming!

Kids are given a choice on which programs they’d like to focus on or focus on a single discipline.

  • We keep a low student-to-coach ratio
  • Homework help with an on-site tutor
  • Healthy snacks
  • All coaches are CPR and first aid certified
  • Multiple day & sibling discounts available



Our foundational program offers challenging obstacle courses with fundamentals from gymnastics, parkour, climbing, and athletic fitness.


A dynamic semester of training techniques to interact with and master the physical environment safely and powerfully.


Kids receive a solid foundation of basic climbing techniques and movements with lots of low ratio attention to progress their skills. 


Our master coaches train kids in skateboarding basics and advanced new routines to help improve their agility, balance, and coordination: fitness skills that translate to skiing, snowboarding and surfing, too!


NEW! OUTDOOR PROGRAM (September - November)

Little Athletes

Not all kids want to play organized sports.  But all children (& adults for that matter) should know how to play games outside and learn the basic mechanics of throwing and catching, jumping and sprinting, kicking and rolling.  This course is a fun filled journey for kids to learn how to play and find out what their strengths are.  Through progressive exploration & playful challenge kids discover their “inner” athlete.

Outdoor Elements of Fitness For Kids

Young Athletes learn the foundational components of athleticism through a fun, dynamic and motivating training environment. Children are divided by age so that they can learn at their own pace and have fun.  This program focuses on developing better movement using Balance, agility, quickness, stability, reactivity and coordination through fun and challenging drills.

New! Soccer

Our NEW Soccer program is engineered by European Coaches who have worked with children to help them develop a love and appreciation for the beautiful game.  Small group and individual coaching is the focus with lots of time working with the ball and learning how to move well without it.  This super fun program is the perfect team sport compliment to our existing individual sport programs.

New! Swimming with Imagine (Add-on Intensive)

Everyday Athlete is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Imagine Swimming.  This swimming intensive course is a great way for your child to learn how to become a strong swimmer and athlete.



New Concierge Van Service!

Everyday Athlete’s van pickup and drop off service is designed to help families to spend more time enjoying our programs and less time worrying about logistics.  We’re proud to announce that our new service will begin in April and continue throughout the summer!

We’ve selected the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van because they are the safest, small passenger vans in the world especially when driven on local streets.  These vehicles use clean, diesel engines which are extremely fuel efficient, quiet, with near zero carbon emissions. In addition to the standard airbags and curtains, we’ve customized the  equipment in our vans to include:

Untitled 3.png
  • Three Point Seat Belts with Britax Parkway SGL G1.1 Booster Seats for every child who needs one.
  • Staff Driver with local knowledge and a perfect driving record.
  • Additional EA Coaches to help kids get on/off van, ensure attendance and provide positive experience.
  • Specialized GPS tracking device that will allow parents to see precisely where the van is at all times including pick up and drop off
  • Multiple live video feeds that will be accessible via encrypted, secure website.
  • Real-time App that monitors attendance enabling parents to automatically receive updates when:
    • Their child has been picked up from their house or school, 
    • Arrive at Everyday Athlete 
    • Approaching their drop off point at the end of the day

In addition to providing convenient pickup and drop off services in the summer months, our vans will help small kids get to and from our facilities without the concerns associated with crossing busy streets. It will also allow siblings to travel together more easily without the need for additional childcare.

Pick-up based upon availability. 
Cost is flat rate per day.  # of seats limited. 
Sign up early.

Early Bird Promotion ENDS SOON. 
Best early registration cost until JUNE 15th, 2018

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"What an incredibly special place. Both of my sons were in summer camp there, and have been in their afterschool program all year. Everyday Athlete is not your typical, large, anonymous organization. The coaches know my children well, and know what makes them thrive and have confidence. The staff knows our family and our family's story. And the programming has instilled confidence, coordination, passion, and even leadership potential in both of my children. Class sizes are small with lots of attention for each kid.  They love what they accomplish and learn while there, and I love how supported they are by the top-rate coaching staff."

-Eva, mother of athletes ages 4 & 6