Lead Coach Job Description Overview:

Everyday Athlete (EA) helps people from all walks and stages of life to discover their peak performance so they can feel, play, and live better. Our innovative approach to exercise focuses on training movement instead of muscle, tuning in instead of tuning out, and cultivating an attitude of play while keeping a competitive edge. The Coach program initiates the individual discipline practitioner into our multi-disciplinary development pipeline. Upon completion the Coach will be able to deliver a variety of movement disciplines and sports while learning to guide, mentor, and support clients through their own practice and development.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Report daily to Training Manager (TM) as your direct supervisor

  • Manage and safeguard a group of 20 children as part of a team supported by a Lead Coach (LC)

  • Coach a basic class as outlined within an EA Class Facilitator’s Guide

  • Safeguard against any behavior that will endanger the safety of a child or team member

  • Deliver classes for children 3 - 16 years of age and assist a LC or Trainer with Adult classes

  • Constructively self-critique through daily observation and note-taking to develop insights

  • Provide feedback from personal critique during end of day closeout with the LC or TM

  • Provide the Operations Manager (OM) with prompt notification on any emergency, injury, or any other personal situation affecting current or scheduled work.

  • Communicate to TM important information regarding client and studio issues

  • Develop and maintain trust-based relationships with clients, parents, and guests

  • Greet clients, prospective clients, and guests with enthusiasm and professionalism

  • Respond and assist answering any client or prospective client’s questions, concerns, or needs

  • Maintain consistent punctuality for beginning shifts, taking breaks, and ending shifts

  • Time-off requests and schedule changes submitted formally by email to TM with two weeks notice

  • Exemplify the values and presentation outlined by EA Programming and within EA Handbooks

  • Remain free of drug and alcohol influence within 24 hours of any shift, on premises, or near any EA facility

  • Develop and maintain knowledge, expertise, and fluency in EA services and pricing options

  • Exemplify EA’s modus operandi: Strong Body, Focused Mind, and with a Playful Attitude

Primary Requirements:

  • Strong interest and passion for developing, coaching, and mentoring others

  • Ability and desire to work collaboratively in a team environment

  • Perform as a reliable, proactive, and professional team player with strong work ethic

  • Must be alert, detail-oriented, and have mature communication skills

  • Maintain certifications: First-Aid, Adult/Child/Infant CPR and AED

  • Pass Federal Background Check


  • Personal belongings will kept in designated spaces and not visible to clients during shifts

  • Phones must be kept silent and only used privately during break period

  • Dress must be clean, professional, with standard daily hygiene and self-care observed

  • Always convey a positive, upbeat, and approachable attitude while on the premises

  • Always greet clients by name upon arrival and departure from facilities

  • Follow up with existing parents on injury, dropped standing, instructor change or booking error

  • Clients appreciate when you notice and comment on any positive changes, remember personal items, family events or follow up with them for anything that is personalized

  • Always document and remember clients who refer clients regularly and communicate this information with the Front Desk Associate


  • Wholesale discount on EA products

  • Drop-in rate of $12 for your guests, for up to three guests per year

To apply, submit your resume to with the job title in the subject line. *Please no phone calls.