Maintenance Associate



Maintenance Associate Job Description Overview:

The Maintenance Associate (MA) will execute company policy and standards for all facility and studio operations. This will include, but is not limited to: the maintenance of facilities, workplace organization, requisitioning material support to programming, and reporting inventory of all EA equipment.  The MA will function as custodian, technician and subject matter expert for the overall organization of EA facilities. Daily decision-making delegated by executive direction through management and on behalf of the company.

Wage: $25 per hour, paid weekly

Report: The MA will report to the Operations Manager (OM)

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Execute the initiatives and tasks of the directing and managing operations members of the company

  • Analyze and provide recommendations for the OM to optimize operational systems and processes

  • Maintain a facilities calendar and records of all company work for the OM to review

  • Keep supervisor abreast of plans and developments via a reasonable, in-advance weekly agenda

  • Ensure highest detailing of facility aesthetic and uphold and enforce policy and procedures

  • Maintain and schedule support for immaculate reception spaces and client-facing environments

  • Requisitions, stores, and issues supplies in support of EA programming

  • Directly provide logistical and material in support to EA programming

  • Create and improve on going standards for equipment storage, maintenance, and organization

  • Maintain organization of facility spaces including kitchen, bathrooms, storage, and outdoor areas

  • Inspects and assess facilities daily for maximal efficiency, economy, and quality of work

  • Tasks as sweeping, dusting, mopping, equipment scrubbing, walls, storage of program equipment, repairing and recapitalization, gathering and disposing of refuse, will all be required

  • Responsible for receiving to, transporting between, and removing equipment from facilities

  • Consistent punctuality for beginning and ending shifts or taking breaks

  • Time-off requests and schedule changes submitted by email to supervisor with two weeks notice

  • Refrain from participation in any behavior unaligned with EA Handbooks or company values

  • Remain free of drug and alcohol influence while on shift, on premises, or within view of an EA facility


  • 1+ year of building maintenance or custodial service experience required

  • Understanding of record keeping, agenda setting, meeting coordinations

  • Ability to prioritize task and allocate planned labor to a work schedule

  • Able to demonstrate physical organizational techniques, efficiency, and attention to detail

  • Familiarization or Training  in Google, Apple, and Microsoft systems and software environments

  • Ability and desire to work collaboratively on products in a dynamic, growing, team environment

  • Pass Federal Background Check

Special Demands:

  • Given the dynamic nature of EA’s continued growth, expect the Duties and Responsibilities of this position to routinely evolve, expand, and divide over time requiring continues self-assessment and regular communication of capabilities and limitations with supervisor.

  • The overall volume and scope of work will not exceed more than a 15% expansion before being reviewed for title and compensation adjustment.


To apply, submit your resume to with the job title in the subject line. *Please no phone calls.