Program Details



  • Guidance and responsibility while working with kids and passionate adults in a fun, supportive environment

  • Experience for future work and volunteer experience

  • Letter of reference (upon request) for applications to high school or other volunteer positions

  • A chance to engage with other children their age in a collaborative environment


  • Minimum 2 week commitment

  • Interviews conducted by the second week of May

  • Mandatory training sessions, June 8th and June 15th  

Who is Eligible + What’s Expected?

  • CITs commit to a two-week session.

  • CITs have real responsibilities. The program works best when your child is eager to join us, and takes the commitment seriously.

  • For children entering 7th–9th grades in the Fall of 2018.

  • CITs are at the program from 8:30am–3:30pm. They have responsibilities like greeting campers in the morning, helping campers with their projects in class, setting up snacks, etc, and being supportive and enthusiastic members of the group!

  • New CITs are invited to attend two days of training. They have fun and learn a lot!



  • $300/weekly payment to EA


  • 5 class passes to use through fall of 2018 (2 week commitment)

  • Additional 2 classes for every additional week worked

Deposit and Balance

To secure spots upon registration, a $150.00 deposit is required for each week chosen and/or available. Your total balance is due by June 15, and your credit card will be automatically charged on that date. (We'll be sure to send a reminder!)

If you would like to pay the balance before June 14 or use a different credit card, please call us! 718- 852-6300

Cancellation Policy

We will provide unconditional refunds for all deposits and payments before June 14. After June 14, we will not be accepting any refunds for any transactions made.

If you need to cancel any weeks before the June 14 deadline call us at 718-852-6300. Your card will not be charged for the balance of any weeks cancelled. Please understand that we staff and supply our programs based on enrollment and are generally unable to make changes after this date. Please call us if there is a different week that might work better for you. We’d be happy to take a look and make a switch if available!

If you'd like to change your week or class, after you've registered, call us!

Once weeks are set, we will not be able to change or refund any payments after June 14.