Kids Classes

January 7th - June 14th*

We offer after school classes on a daily basis in our core disciplines: Ninja, Skateboarding, Climbing, and Parkour for multiple age groups!


Everyday Athlete Programs employ rich curriculums structured to build your child’s strength, improve their focus, all while having fun! Our staff and coaches will continually evaluate your child and make recommendations on the most appropriate class or program. Chronological age is not the only factor in determining the appropriate placement.

Interested in a trial class? Contact us:, or  718-852-6300 

Enroll within 24 hours + have your trial price applied to the enrollment purchase. *Trials are valid for new customers only!

Interested in a 1-on-1 session with one our Coaches? Call!

Lil' Ninja

Our foundation program offers challenging obstacle courses with fundamentals from gymnastics, parkour, climbing, and athletic fitness-- now for age 3.5! This class takes place @ One Brooklyn Bridge.


Our foundational program offers challenging obstacle courses with fundamentals from gymnastics, parkour, climbing, and athletic fitness. This class takes place @ One Brooklyn Bridge.


Our master coaches train kids in skateboarding basics and advanced new routines to help improve their agility, balance, and coordination: fitness skills that translate to skiing, snowboarding and surfing, too! This class takes place @ One Brooklyn Bridge, and in nearby outdoor parks.


A dynamic semester of training techniques to interact with and master the physical environment safely and powerfully.


Lil' Climber

Our NEW Little Climber class will introduce your athlete to climbing-- now with elements of Ninja! This class takes place @ 130 Clinton Street. For ages 3-4.


Kids receive a solid foundation of basic climbing techniques and movements with lots of individualized attention to progress their skills. This class takes place @ 130 Clinton Street.

Family Climb

Drop in any Saturday afternoon and learn how to climb with your kids. Build strength, brush up on skills, and solve new routes together-- climbing is positive and powerful fun for the whole family. Saturdays 1pm-5pm @ 130 Clinton St.

Questions? contact us at, or at  718-852-6300


Week of 2/25 - 3/1
Week of 4/22 - 4/26

Class Sports Season Fall and Winter/Spring Policy

  1. Requests for refund of class fees will be considered through the third class of the Fall or Winter/Spring semesters.

  2. All refund requests must be submitted in writing. Refunds are not available after the third class or for students registering after the third class in the semester. Refund of the registration fee or classes prior to the date of notification will be considered on an individual basis. If you are unsure of your enrollment, you may take a trial class when available

  3. Classes are non-transferable to other patrons.

  4. If the session has started Everyday Athlete has right to retain an appropriate portion of the weeks, in addition to processing fee.

  5. Refunds will take  4 - 6 weeks to be issued.

  6. Late pickup will result in an additional $20 fee.

  7. Classes may be consolidated and canceled due to low enrollment. Classes must have 4 students enrolled to continue past the third week of the semester, if your class is canceled and you cannot switch days you will be refunded the prorated amount of your semester cost.