Kids Classes - Winter/Spring 2020
January 20th-June 13th 2020

We offer after-school classes on a daily basis in specific disciplines, including Ninja, Skateboarding, Climbing, and Parkour!

All classes taught by our highly trained, CPR-certified coaches at a low student-coach ratio.


Kids Classes run through January 20th-June 13th 2020 (21 Weeks total)

Mae is LOVING parkour and skateboarding. In just 3 classes she is moving with so much confidence; NO hesitation. What a gift to give a child, to move through obstacles physically with assertiveness and strength, it will no doubt carry into other areas of her life for years to come! Thank you!!!
— JO C.

Key Benefits:

  • Developing fitness and movement skills

  • Building age-appropriate strength and conditioning

  • Improving balance & coordination

  • Learning self-confidence and how to overcome obstacles and challenges

  • Connecting to others in a fun, supportive group and community.


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Interested in a 1-on-1 session with one of our Coaches? contact us at, or at  718-852-6300