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Everyday Athlete (EA) helps people from all walks and stages of life to discover their peak performance so they can feel, play, and live better. Our innovative approach to exercise focuses on training movement instead of muscle, tuning in instead of tuning out, and cultivating an attitude of play while keeping a competitive edge.

Everyday Athlete aim to inspire young children about learning and to engage their curiosity about themselves and their world.  Our age-appropriate, movement-based curriculum connects directly to a child’s need to understand themselves using their senses and their bodies.  Movement also provides a foundation for meaningful and relevant math, language, and literacy development.  We believe early positive experiences with movement offers benefits throughout all stages of life and helps children develop sense of how they learn best.

From our extensive equipment and to our climbing and athletic fitness tools, Everyday Athlete has been designed to inspire a sense of excitement about movement. Our goal is to help people connect to themselves physically and emotionally as they investigate the world providing extraordinary training for everyday life.