Our Staff


Our staff is a diverse team of athletic professionals and incredible people. Each coach and trainer has studied extensively to be able to deliver Everyday Athlete’s movement philosophy and curriculum to people of all ages and abilities.


Meet Our Coaches





Alejandra has been a physical trainer and functional movement specialist for over 15 years.

She is committed to transforming the well-being of men and women of all ages. 

Alejandra regularly develops workshops and specialty classes for pre- and post-natal women, and menopausal and peri-menopausal training. 



Tomas is a lifelong Brooklyn resident, where he has trained hundreds of individuals and thousands of small group sessions at Everyday Athlete.

Tomas has a passion for helping people unlock their potential through movement.

He is an avid surfer and soccer enthusiast, having played all his life in the parks and streets of Brooklyn.


Climbing Team

You can find this passionate team of climbers hanging out at our dedicated climbing gym at 130 Clinton Street. Drop in and see why bouldering is such a powerful pathway to fitness breakthrough.



Frances is our lead instructor for our climbing classes.

She has been honing her craft in the climbing community for 10 years, and participates at Everyday Athlete as a climbing coach and route setter.

Aside from climbing, her passions include tennis, swimming, and food.



Ray has experience climbing for over 5 years and has been a climbing instructor at Everyday Athlete for 2 years.

Ray doesn’t limit himself to one sport; he enjoys an array of athletic activities. You can catch him instructing our Open Climb classes.



Jeff has extensive experience rock climbing both indoors and outdoors as a mountaineer. He has been instructing alongside Frances.

You can catch him in our Open Climb classes each week.


Kids Coaches

Our team is a diverse group of athletic professionals, each trained extensively in our unique philosophy of movement and fitness.


Coach Mike

Mike’s been involved in the Parkour community for over 12 years as a practitioner and community leader, and honed his skills as a coach for the past 6 years. When he found Parkour as a young teen, it had a huge positive impact on his life. Along with Parkour, Coach Mike also enjoys skating, bouldering, and tumbling.

Mike hopes to inspire and enable others to find their own way and enjoy the world around them through movement.


Coach Mason

Mason is an accomplished certified USA gymnastics instructor for 20 years, and with Everyday Athlete for 10 years.

In addition to his gymnastics experience, he's also a Parkour instructor, acrobatic tumbler and Hiphop dance teacher.


Coach Andrew

Coach Andrew has been a part of our Everyday Athlete family for a couple of years, with experience on all of our after school classes.

He has 6 years of Parkour background, and he does Skateboarding and climbing. He will be assisting most of our after school classes.


Coach Travis

Coach Travis has been a part of our Everyday Athlete for 2 years!

He has great background experience since he has been doing parkour for 5 years and he is a great Coach and friend with the kids. He will be assisting most of our after school classes!


Coach Eleazar

Coach Eleazar has been a part of Everyday Athlete for 2 summer camps, and he is great with kids! He has great experience with kids and is very successful assistant coach.


Coach Crystal

Meet Coach Crystal, She has been a part of Everyday Athlete for 2 Summer camps, and is great with kids! We constantly have returning kids asking for her because they created a great bond with her. She will be assisting all of our after school classe


Coach Jake

Jake recently joined us at Everyday Athlete as an assistant coach, but has a lot of experience with coaching and with kids. He is a coach at another gym and comes with glowing reviews! We're thrilled to have him!


Coach Tonya

Tonya recently joined our Everyday Athlete team, but Coach Tonya has a lot of coaching experience since she worked in other gyms as a coach before! She is great with kids and they create a very big bond very fast.


Coach Deborah

Coach Deborah is an actor and a climber, she loves to share her passion for expression through arts and sports. For her, coaching and spending time with kids is a blessing because we are the ones who end up learning so much.

Her mission at EA is to be able to give kids support on being creative by being active and finding what feels good, something that will be positive throughout their whole lives.


Coach Chris

Coach Chris is a passionate cyclist, climber, and downhill long boarder with over 10 years of experience. He is new to our Everyday Athlete family, Chris will be assisting most of our after school classes as well as doing pickups.

Chris has great experience working with kids because of the friendly vibe he gives off, the kids seem to enjoy the activities with him.


Coach Vanessa

Coach Vanessa has worked with kids for about 6 years in After School and Summer camp. She will be assisting our After School classes as well as helping with homework help. Vanessa enjoys working with kids and impacting their lives in a positive way.


Coach Amber

Coach Amber has been a part of our Everyday Athlete family for more than 2 years and has been non-stop teaching and coaching for even longer.

Amber’s the lead coach at pickup for PS 8!


Coach Kareem

Kareem recently joined the Everyday Athlete team and has done great work coaching our students.

He will be assisting most of our after school classes and doing pick ups.



Operations Team

Our growing operations team is here to coordinate with clients and facilitate fun.



Kelsey is the Director of Operations for Everyday Athlete. She hails from sunny California where she studied Exercise and Sport Science and earned a Masters Degree in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco.

Kelsey has experience managing high volume recreational centers on college campuses and brings with her knowledge of facility and operational management, youth sports and programming, and certifications in exercise. In her free time she enjoys exploring NYC, taking a workout class, and traveling!