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Everyday Athlete will make you stronger, more focused, and fill your life with energy.

Our proven methodology has helped everyday people like you achieve extraordinary results. We continually refine and update our movements and techniques to enhance your success and improve our track record of improving people’s lives.
Everyday Athlete offers: - Semi-private, Small Group Training, Large Group (12+) and Drop In Classes.

We also launch new programs based upon request, community interest or corporate need.

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130 Clinton Street: Sat 9:00a-9:50a

One Brooklyn Bridge: T/Th 9:15a-10:10a

This class lays the foundation for active, amazing life! Not only will you learn to safely reach your peak performance, but you also absorb the essential principles of alignment and movement to prevent injury and keep you playing for the rest of your life!  


130 Clinton Street: M/W/F 9:15a-10:10a

130 Clinton Street: M/F 7:00a-7:55a

Our signature Small Group Training class that balances interval cardio with movement-based strength training and uses everything from medicine balls and suspension trainers to agility ladders, hurdles, kettlebells, sandbags and more. Never boring or routine, no TVs or machines, you’ll build the agility, speed, power and endurance you need to enjoy what you love.


130 Clinton Street: M-F 6:30p-7:30p

This 1 hour session with our expert coaches focuses on strength, mobility, and conditioning to navigate through the climbing world. The 1 hour is broken down into 30 minutes of a self-guided workout followed by 30 minutes of climbing strength and conditioning. Skills learned in this class allow climbers to conserve energy throughout the body and make accurate contact with the rock!


130 Clinton Street: W 7a-7:55a

This 1 hour session with our expert trainer focuses on mobility, alignment and discovering all abdominal layers and bringing them into functional state. The 1 hour is broken down into 30 minutes of restorative poses and myofascia release, followed by 25 minutes of focused abdominal work.

When I walked in the door at EA I was a physical mess at age 44. I had 20 years of chronic nagging pain and a fairly inactive lifestyle. I really longed to be in shape, be pain free and be active. My drive came from being recently separated and a desire to keep up with my 12 year old son; to do activities with him that he enjoyed…biking, downhill skiing, hiking.

I have always been “in shape” from a weight perspective; thin and a type A who does a lot of running around in regular daily life; however, I never cared much for “working out” or doing any type of sport. To take care of myself physically and to ease pain issues, I took the alternative medical practitioner approach…regular visits to the chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, etc. All these things were to keep the pain manageable. What I wasn’t doing was moving around and exercising regularly. I was not in shape. Every time I would attempt to start a workout routine or try running or biking, I would just hurt myself, become discouraged and quit. Every time.

When I started working with a personal trainer at EA, all this changed. My routine, which is customized every visit, took into account my chronic pain issues. I was able to walk away from every session feeling I’d accomplished moving forward without hurting myself. In a few short weeks I gained so much confidence…and surprisingly (to me),
a major drive to keep working…something I had never gotten out of any workouts before.

Fast forward to a year later…I’m so thrilled with my results. I’m stronger than I have ever been and in the best shape of my adult life. I ski every weekend with my son.

Alejandra is so focused, so patient, and so into ME during our sessions. Her knowledge of the body is really impressive, and I can honestly say she really cares about my results. She often sends me followup texts to see how I’m doing after a session, or passes along articles she has read that she thinks I may also benefit from reading.

I’ve also worked with Michael, Clare, and John at EA. I have been incredibly impressed with each of them. I’m not afraid to say I have always been a bit tough to impress…and these trainers really have got it going on. To top it off, these guys have made working out fun and I look forward to every session. That’s saying a lot for a girl who, before EA, hated working out or exercising in any way. At the risk of sounding cheesy, Alejandra and the trainers at EA have changed my life for the better.
— Meg G.

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$360 / month

Commit to your goals. Unlimited small group training classes. Save $60+/month if you take 3+ classes a week!

$224 / month

Two small group training classes per week. 
Save $56/ month!

$120 / month

One small group training class per week.
Save $20/month!


One small group training session.


Package of 10 small group training classes.

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