We are proud to announce that we now offer Swimming, in partnership with Imagine Swimming!
For more information on adding Swimming to your summer camp experience, click here

Summer Camp 2018

Everyday Athlete Summer Camp is more than just fun: it’s a science-based fitness curriculum that will inspire your child and give them a powerful connection to their body, teaching them how to move better while having fun! 

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Your child will improve their gross and fine motor skills, balance, agility, core strength, precision, articulation and will make new friends as they develop independence and self-confidence. 

They will get to climb, learn ninja skills in our obstacle courses, practice parkour, learn how to skateboard and play tons of games

We also offer Sport-Specific Camps if your child prefers to focus on a specific sport.

Unique Aspects of How Our Camp Works:

  • Low staff-to-child ratio  
  • Small group size
  • Kids are split into age-appropriate subgroups for activities
  • Full time, year-round staff are our lead camp instructors
  • Healthy snacks: veggies, fruits, healthy crunchy things, no nuts
  • Lots of games, like our new and improved Capture the Flag with foam swords
  • Cool new arts & crafts projects: puppet making, painting, etc

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Health Safety Policy: If your child has any infectious or contagious sickness, such as Conjunctivitis, Chicken Pox, Strep Throat, Lice, or a fever, they must wait 24 hours to return to Camp with a doctor's note or give us a call for clearance to participate. This is for the safety and health of our Campers!

*If you are a Weekly Camper, unfortunately missing any Camp days due to sickness do not roll over into another week or cannot be credited to your account.