Tween & Teen Programs

Fall Schedule Sept 9 - Jan17/20

Are you worried your tween is not moving enough?
Does your child spend too much time in front of a screen and not enough time moving?
Not a sports kind of tween or teen? Do you want your tween/teen to get stronger and understand movement?

Key benefits:

  • Getting stronger

  • Increased energy

  • More focused

  • Better posture

  • More confidence

  • Meeting new friends


Everyday Strength/ Parkour

Small group classes balancing interval cardio training while moving strategically through obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing!
Tuesday 10-12yrs 5:30PM / Thursday 10-12yrs 5:30PM Register now

Everyday Strength/ Climbing

Small group classes balancing interval cardio training while learning to climb. Build skills through strength and balance to keep yourself on the wall!. Each class combines fun strength workout with a flavor of high-intensity interval training. We use jump ropes, medicines ball, sand bags, dumbbells, battle ropes, kettlebells and so much more. They will learn proprioception, alignment, recovery techniques, and their unique compensations patterns and how to navigate their ever changing bodies as they go through puberty!
Wednesday 10-13yrs 5:30PM Clinton Register now