All of our trainers are ABCD certified, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.


Coach Mike

Mike’s been involved in the Parkour community for over 12 years as a practitioner and community leader, and honed his skills as a coach for the past 6 years. When he found Parkour as a young teen, it had a huge positive impact on his life. Along with Parkour, Coach Mike also enjoys skating, bouldering, and tumbling.

Mike hopes to inspire and enable others to find their own way and enjoy the world around them through movement.

Coach Mason

Mason is an accomplished certified USA gymnastics instructor for 20 years, and with Everyday Athlete for 10 years.

In addition to his gymnastics experience, he's also a Parkour instructor, acrobatic tumbler and Hiphop dance teacher.

Maiv Thao

Maiv is addicted to fruits, vegetables, and marathons. During individual sessions, she also trains alongside you, so you never feel like you’re working out alone.

Joel Washington

With a background in gymnastics, Joel has a passion for applying his experience to helping you develop lean muscle and healthy joints.